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Continuous Efforts Are a Must for China Valve Casting Industry

Source: Bofa Valve Company   Author: Bofa Valve Company   Posted: 2013-10-31 19:23:45   Hits: 2245
The development in the valve casting industry at home is very anticipated,whoes developing rapidity is very reassuring. But there is still existing many problems that can not be ignored in its development.

It is known as for many prominent problems exist in the domestic valve casting industry, the enterprises of backward production capacities will be phased out in order to reduce the industry's burden. And yet for the demands of domestic and oversea markets for valve castings all cannot do without the small and medium-sized enterprises,it will need a longer transition period of elimination.

Admitting that China valve industry has developed faster in recent years, low overall level of the industry,low products technological contents, and many key valve with high parameters still relying on imports.We also see their own shortcomings in the communication with the foreign and comparision with foreign valve industry.Experts estimated that China valve lagged behind as long as 10 to 20 years compared with foreign advanced countries in the technical merit. In this view,China valve industry level is very low and needs to catch up with the foreign technological pace.

Many valve casting enterprise operators are tormenting for being affacted by the shortage of valve castings.Some valve casting enterprises introducted that such problems as labor shortage a while ago caused the commissioning of precision casting enterprises to be under restrictions and be unable to complete orders on time, finally lead backward valve enterprises to produce normally.

China valve casting industry will constantly endeavour to gradually upgrade the overall quality of valve castings, which is a challenge for backward valve industries -- improvement of production cost and product quality.

Domestic valve industry wants to achieve new breakthroughs, a continuous effort must be required. Gradually improving quality and technological content of products is both a new challenge and a new opportunity for backward valve industry.