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Innovation Is A Way to Development for China Pipe Fittings

Source: Bofa Valve Company   Author: Bofa Valve Company   Posted: 2013-09-22 18:34:57   Hits: 790
China pipe fittings have long been a rapidly developing industry. Whether it is at home or abroad, it shows signs of rapid growth. The relevant data shows that at present,the annual growth rate of China  pipe fitting market has reached 15%, ranking first in the world.There is  great room for growth in the domestic pipe fitting market. However, enterprises also have secret worry at the back of the rapid development of pipe fitting market. It is great promise for the pipe fitting market that renders enterprises jump into a lower requirements for market access,which gives rise to non-standard market and other series of problems.China pipe fitting market must follow the sustainable development of independent innovation.

Irresistible as the development of pipe fittings in our country has been for the past two years,there also appear thousands of manufacturing enterprises overnight. So the competition pressure is great. Dealers often try to fight each other for power; some blindly competing price war trigger a vicious competition; part of followers can not make a profit owing to the small size and sell seconds at best quality prices at the beginning, which affects the normal development of pipe fitting market.

And there are also many disadvantages in the industry: low level of overall equipment in the enterprise, relatively backward process technology,very few pipe fitting developed and processing technic that enterprises succeed in developing by own strength, and maintaining a clear gap with the developed countries. At present,there are the majority of generic products among domestic pipe fittings. The application of high-end pipe fitting is only at the starting stage. Our products are always in the low-end market and product marketing is difficult to grow due to the lack of innovation. When the competition is becoming increasingly fierce, many enterprises are caught in the channel conflict, rising costs, shortfall in receipts, thousands customer complaints,greatly decline in satisfaction.

To solve predicament faced with the pipe fitting enterprises  and make the industry undergo steady and fast growth along the normative and orderly way. It is a top priority to strengthen the norms and consolidation of  the market order, and to require enterprises to soon step into the substantive improvement way based on the technical innovation and quality first.

"Although enterprises generally felt tremendous pressures from the market,the new opportunities are also contained in the market. Enterprises should make great efforts to develop high-end products, introduce a number of new products, new technology, new equipment with independent intellectual property rights through independent innovation,technology innovation,equipment improvement and independent design so that it can make China pipe fitting industry step into the fast traffic lane of healthy development." Champ pointed out in "2012-2016 China pipe fitting manufacturing industry and Investment Strategy Research Report"