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Development Trend And Existing Problems in China Valve Industry

Source: Bofa Valve Company   Author: Bofa Valve Company   Posted: 2013-09-24 15:57:25   Hits: 749

After the several decades of the efforts, especially the rapid development in the past five years, China valve industry has made great progress and achievements. Numerous vital valves have made a breakthrough,like vital valves used in the vast majority of nuclear powers,and natural gas long-distance pipeline have delivery performances. But for domestic valve industry is late in starting, still in growth stage,lower than the foreign advanced level in the capacity of valve design, manufacturing, production and testing and restrictions on the automatic control level,there is still a certain gap with developed countries in the high-end valve technology.There are still some problems in the process of the industrial development.

1 Not good design level 
Domestic key enterprises have certain development conditions while R&D centers of a great majority of valve enterprises are restricted by researchers;the capabilities of R & D and technical service are relatively closed.Conduct valve design, process planning and  technological processing in the process of producing valvea according to the sales order,or engaged in a small amount of new product development. Some techniques and analysis have not been completely grasped.

2. Relatively backward process equipment

High-end valves are demanding on the content and evenness of chemical components,not allow slag, porosity.The foreign countries adopt refining process, using more AOD furnaces. The AOD workmanship is an advanced technology with which ultralow carbon stainless steel and pure high-quality alloy steel are produced.Thus steel castings have excellent mechanical and technological properties for requirements of high-end valves for steel pipes,while this advanced process has not been adopted to produce steel castings at home.

3. Imperfect test conditions

In the respec of test capability,domestic valve industry is constrained by funding, and only a small number of backbone enterprises own special test facility. Most enterprises are still fairly weak in the test analysis methods.Lack of the experimental investigation
and test condition of key high-end valves such test conditions as thermal state,dynamic state, and hot-cold alternation excercises its restraints upon the test assessment work of many products test.

4.Development trendency

According to the demands of national economic development, there is an increase in needs for high parameter PPH butterfly valve for large engineering projects ,requiring the package level and ability of valves to be greatly improved. New valve product development moves towards thermal power, nuclear power, hydropower, large-scale petrochemical, oil and gas gathering pipelines and other major construction projects. At the same time,develop matching valves for land petroleum and offshore oil mining equipment as well as special valves and large diameter valves for metallurgy, large-scale ethylene, high-pressure polyethylene and other major projects. In addition, the  maintenance service and replacement of valves will become a new growth point of enterprise production marketing. The trend in valve system integration will be increasingly obvious.The users know more and more about the valve industry due to intensive competition in the enterprises, and purchasing activities get more and more normative,which causes small enterprises with poor conditions to be lack of growth and living space. A competition mode appears both specialization and large scale in the industry.As continuous improvement in equipment conditions and technical merit, China valve products also move towards high-tech, high parameter, corrosion resistance, and long service life. The overall level of the domestic valve industry will  be greatly enhanced.The key valves will gradually realize localization, and it is inevitable to export a large number of valve.