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The Anti-dumping Duties of Stainless Steel Pipes Bring Negative Effects

Source: Bofa Valve Company   Author: Bofa Valve Company   Posted: 2013-09-16 14:38:33   Hits: 680
The Anti-dumping Duties of Stainless Steel Pipes Bring Negative Effects
Recently, the Economic Commission Council for Eurasia has made a decision to levy 19.15% the anti-dumping duty over five years on seamless stainless steel made in China ; 15% of import tariff for the Customs Union on cold-rolled seamless stainless steel pipes, which  undoubtedly would be a further stinging blow on stainless steel pipe enterprises originally suffered from the pressure of state of flux.
The measures that the EU constantly has introduced will directly affect on imposing high anti-dumping duties on the export of China stainless steel pipe, or export enterprises are forced to accept a price commitment or export limits, even unable to compete with similar products in EU. At the same time,A sharp increase in enterprise product lines turnning to India and other developing countries increase, increased competition between enterprises, and more meagre profits.
In order to cope with the adverse effects casued by anti-dumping duties of stainless steel pipe,Jeasin reminds the relevant export enterprises:
1.To adjust export center. Actively explore the markets of other countries and regions outside the EU, especially in some emerging countries;actively participate in various overseas exhibitions and study activities to open up new international markets.
2.To push the industry upgrade. Reinforce the transformation of the traditional product technology and the development of new products, improve  additional value of products and international competitiveness, and get more living space by improving the  proportion of high-end products  .
3.To Play the role of industry associations. Suggest industry associations to establish regular information release system to help enterprises  grasp the export situation, adjust operating strategy, and avoid low-prices competition.