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Alliance Standard For Foshan City Stainless Steel Pipe

Source: Bofa Valve Company   Author: Bofa Valve Company   Posted: 2013-09-16 14:38:42   Hits: 671

China stainless steel pipes develop so quickly at present.But standards of stainless steel pipes contraposed by our country are recommended standards rather than compulsory standards,in which case Foshan City, as an important processing zone of stainless steel pipe products,makes non-standard products of enterprises have a basis for quality reference through formulating the alliance standard so as to improve the quality level of stainless steel pipes for Foshan decoration and reduce the disorderly competition of enterprises.It has significant social and economic benefits.Through making a research on the stainless steel production technology and the adoption standard for Foshan City decoration,the project mainly draws up the Foshan City Alliance Standard --"General Technical Condition of Welded Stainless Steel Pipe for Foshan City Decoration",drafts Union Regulations and develops a database and a query system for "Technical Standard System for Foshan City Stainless Steel Industry " to provide technical support for the establishment of Foshan City stainless steel industry alliance standard.

Expert group listens to the project closure report,sees the demonstration of the database and the query system for "Technical Standard System for Foshan City Stainless Steel Industry",reviews the project study report, the project capital audit report, the formulated "Foshan City Alliance Standard" and the drafted "Union Regulations". After a review, the expert group reaches a consensus on the result that  the manufacturing enterprise of Foshan City stainless steel industry provides basis of standards and technical guidance as the project results,agreeing to identify it by the technology achievement and project acceptance inspection.

As the project result,Foshan City Alliance Standard --" General Technical Conditions of Welded Stainless Steel Pipes for Foshan City Decoration" and the drafted Union Regulations provide effective technical support for the quality level of standard stainless steel industry, and make contributions to the stainless steel industry toward standardization so as to promote the healthy and orderly development of the industry.