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Efforts Are Still Needed for China Valve Enterprises

Source: Bofa Valve Company   Author: Bofa Valve Company   Posted: 2013-09-27 16:55:18   Hits: 724
Nowadays,there are a great many valve companies that has obtained the ISO9001 quality management certification in order to better serve the foreign enterprises, and API certification. Some enterprises have also got European Union CE and API certification. In the meantime, many valve enterprises in China have been fully able to produce API stainless steel globe valve, API gate valve, bellows globe valve, ball valve, butterfly valve and other valve products.Proudct quality can be totally in line with the requirements of ISO5208:1993,for which reason China valve products have been an increase in the export year by year, and a good export situation in general. Some valve companies also set up valve factory abroad; some manufacturers have offices in foreign countries.

On the whole, China valves has been exported to the United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, and dozens of countries and regions,getting access to the world valve market. But China valve outlet is low in the ranking among the world valve exporters. Despite domestic valve products that blot out the sky and the land,China valve companies still have no voice in the international valve market. He has the final say for the price and also for the rule. Developed countries buy very low valves from China,and then sell to the developing countries by raising a price.They both get a profit and sell well while domestic enterprises can but act as a work part-time role.

It’s known as in 2013 contracting engineering industry in the Middle East Gulf region will experience a flourishing year once again. The total amount of project contracts within the year is expected to achieve $1.35 trillions,far higher than last year's $730 billion. These projects are spread over the energy, hydroelectric,mining,transport, tourism and other fields. The Middle East as the world's leading oil production and exporting region, every country is trying to improve oil daily output while also increase exploration and investment in oil.

The largest northern oil and gas development project in Kuwait in the next few years is under way at present; Qatar will build the world's largest processing factory for natural gas liquefaction products; United Arab Emirates plans to improve crude oil output through the construction of large projects,expected to over 3 million barrels of crude oil per day ; Abu Zabi oil companies plan to invest $1.5 billion each year in some projects in the next 5 years ,of which 40% is for the oil industry and the greatest need of each project is valve products.

On the other hand, for oil fields, pipelines in the Middle East, Iraq and other countries are destroyed badly, there is a need to import  valves for the oil system and the pipeline,including API gate valve, bellows globe valve, check valve, long distance pipeline American standard ball valve. And these are the main products of domestic valve manufacturers. We should take the initiative to carry these projects.

In general, Only in the way which China valve company goes out to create their own brands can they change their work part-time role. As long as we realize the market's needs, it is a great advantage for the domestic valve companies to dominate the international market. China valve enterprises are able to stand in the world,provided the way is proper and product quality passes.