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Steel Pipe Markets Present the Trend in Disadvantaged Concussion

Source: Bofa Valve Company   Author: Bofa Valve Company   Posted: 2013-09-16 14:39:29   Hits: 604

steel pipe market

With the release of the recent productivity of steel mills, the supply pressure from the markets still continue to rise. In June, the tubing markets as a whole appeared to be run in the stable but weaker trend. The insiders deemed that the current steel prices have been at the bottom zone of the recent years,during which although rebounding many times,it was relentlessly suppressed.The current domestic economic conditions is still weak while the side-effects of shortage of money are still on the upswing for July was slack season of the traditional consumption and the demand was difficult to be improved.

The steel pipe markets was running in the steady but stronger trend in the latest week. Recently announced that PMI initial value of HSBC China manufacturing is 48.3 in June,hitting the lowest over 9 months,which showed that the merchant had general mentality and was not optimistic about the market outlook;manifested that the overall deal of  markets was still no substantial improvement and shipment was less-than-desirable. But traders seemed to have no sensitivity toward  the price adjustment from pipe factory and have a more pessimistic view on the future market,which caused the market price hike to exhibit a little bit week will.

According to the domestic well-known steel spot trading platform -GTXH market monitoring,by June 21st, 1.5 inch *3.25 straight welded-pipes in the domestic major cities were 3685 yuan per ton, down 18 yuan per ton compared to last week,among which its prices of Shanghai regions were 3650 yuan per ton, up 50 yuan; 3570 yuan per ton in Beijing, down 30 yuan a week;  3440 yuan per ton in Tangshan, an increase of 70 yuan a week; still 3980 yuan per ton in Guangzhou. 

In terms of the steel price adjustment, the uniform price of straight welded pipes was raised 40 yuan per ton according to the adjustment information on product ex-factory price of Fujian Huiyuan Group on June 17th . Now the ex-factory listed price of 4 inch *3.75mm straight welded pipes is 4090 yuan per ton; 3700 yuan per ton for rack pipes  including taxes. At the 21st of the month, according to price information from Zengzhou Steel Tube Co., Ltd,Fengnan,Tangshan City, ERW increased 20 yuan per ton and now the ex-factory quotation for 4 inch national standarded  ERW is 3420 yuan per ton. In terms of strip steels, according to the adjustment information on ex-factory price of strip steels of Tangshan Ruifeng steels on June 17th , the quotation on 2.5mm* (162-204) strip steel series were up 60 yuan;3200 yuan per ton as the ex-factory price. The quotation on 2.5mm* (162-204) strip steel series droped 20 yuan per ton at the 18th of the month;3180 yuan per ton as the ex-factory price.