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What Is the Seamless Steel Pipe for

Source: Bofa Valve Company   Author: Bofa Valve Company   Posted: 2013-09-16 14:38:04   Hits: 729

The geological pipe and seamless steel pipe is a long pipe with a hollow cross-section and no seams around ,and douter diameter times wall thickness in millimeters is used for its specifications. Geological pipes and seamless steel pipes are made from hollow billet with steel ingots or solid tubes which have been perforated, and then are finished by the hot rolling, cold rolling and cold drawing.So seamless steel pipes are divided into hot-rolled pipe,cold-rolled tube,and drawn tube from the production process, Geological pipes belong to hot rolling seamless pipes. Divided as the purpose, seamless steel pipes can be falled into pipelines,boiler pipe,geological pipe ,etc., of which the geological pipes can be divided into drill pipe, drill collar, core pipe, casing pipes and sediment tubes.

Seamless steel pipe for oil is mainly used in gas well drilling and gas transmission,which includes oil drilling pipe, petroleum casing pipe, pumping pipe. Oil drilling pipe is mainly used to connect the drill collar and drill to deliver drilling power. Petroleum casing pipe is mainly used to support for wall of a well during the drilling and afer completion in order to ensure that the whole oil well is normally operated after completed and the process of drilling is proceeded. Pumping seamless steel pipe mainly transport oil,gas at the bottom of the oil wells to the ground.

Oil casing is the lifeline of keeping oil well operating. Out of the different geological conditions, complex stress state under the ground, the combined effect of pulling,bending, torsion stress on the pipe body,it puts forward higher requirement for the quality of oil casing. Once oil casting is damaged for some reason, it may led the whole well to end up with reduction of output, even discard as useless.

According to the strength of steel itself,oil casting  can be divided into different steel grades:J55, K55, N80, L80, C90, T95, P110, Q125, V150 etc. Different steel grades for different well depth and well conditions. Oil casing itself is also required to have the propety of  resistance to corrosion under the corrosive environment,and the ability of anti-collapse in the complex geological conditions.