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A rapid increase in the demand for China pipe fittings

Source: Bofa Valve Company   Author: Bofa Valve Company   Posted: 2013-09-16 14:40:33   Hits: 912

In recent years, with the sustainable and rapid development of China economy, there is an increasing demand for metal pipe fitting and fitting product market and is a large room for future market.

China metal pipe industry has made great achievements during the 50-year development. At present, steel pipes such as structural steel pipes, boiler tubes, oil pipes, stainless steel pipes and delivery pipes which every department of national economy needs can be manufactured independently. But there is still a gap as compared with developed countries.China has been implementing western development strategy that puts forward requirements for further development and provides great market room for China pipe fitting industry. Currently, the supply of China medium-sized welded pipe excess demands for it, while large caliber and high-pressure pipe is still in the developing stage and there is an increasing demand for it, especially an abundant need for oil &gas pipeline in China western development and offshore oil & gas field exploition. At present, the rapid spread of China urban construction, continuous improvement of people’s living, and a sharp increase in the demand for stainless steel tube and stainless steel ware for kitchen. But stainless steel coils with which domestic enterprises manufacture these pipes and vessels mainly rely on imports. Therefore,China is stepping up the construction of production line of stainless steel coils so as to satisfy the demand of domestic market for stainless steel pipe fittings and pipe fittings products.


Domestic products can not meet the market demand and need to depend on import at present due to its large consumption and a huge demand for metal pipelines in the energy construction, such as evaporator tubes for nuclear power, superheater tubes for supercritical power station. Besides, matched valves and compound pipes for the shower, air-conditioning, refrigerators are also focus pipe fitting products currently and have a broad prospect for potential market.


When it comes to the raw materials for pipe fittings and fitting products, there is a rising requirement for the materials following with increasingly high requirements of the market for metal pipe fittings and fitting products, requiring senior alloy, stainless steel, high toughness cryogenic resistant (40 -60 ), coppers, titanium resistant to seawater corrosion, also aluminum alloy tubes and other manufacturing technology.