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Why natural gas pipeline must use forged steel ball valve

Source: Bofa Valve Company   Author: Bofa Valve Company   Posted: 2013-09-16 14:40:42   Hits: 900

Why natural gas pipeline must use forged steel ball valve? Natural gas pipeline forged steel ball valve is in forged steel structure, particularly suitable for medium such as gas, purified natural gas, acid natural gas, water, coal slurry and oil And it issuitable for petroleum, chemical, thermal power plant and many other pipeline in Class150-1500, in temperature of 28~300 ℃.And its main function is to cut off or connect the media.

The internal materials of forged steel ball valve are carefully selected. The wall thickness of the valve body and the strength of valve connection are ensured to reach American Standard ASME B16.34and is ensured to appropriate valve pressure rating and the reliable strength of the joint parting through strict calculation.The ball is in fixed structure. It has a floating seat and it can reach smaller torque under operating pressure. With a self-lubricating PTFE metal sleeve and high strength, high smooth stem, it can have the lowest friction coefficient.

Pipeline forged steel ball valve adapts polymeric materials as the sealing of sealing valve seat. The sealing seat is loaded by the spring and has excellent sealing performance under changes in a wide range of temperature and pressure, and is guaranteed to have sealing with no bubble leakage in the closure of different pressure. And it can keep the minimum operating torque in the maximum pressure.

The size and pressure rating of forged steel ball valve conforms to the American Petroleum Institute API 16D/ISO 14314 standards, Chinese GB/T 19672 standard and the United States ASME standard. According to the customer request, valve can be used with materials in accordance with the United States Association of corrosion engineering standard NACE MR 0175 or NACE MR 0103.

System design and manufacturing quality of ball valve is based on ISO 9001 quality system standards and API Q1 code, andapproved by the DNV classification society and the American Academy of API oil. It can be authorized the use of API standard and get certificate No. API 6D0652 only when it is in accordance with ISO 9001 quality system standard, with API Q1 andAPI 6D specifications.There are a lot of materials to be suitable for Pipeline forged steel ball valve. It has complete specification and pressure ratings. This is an ideal valve widely used in the pipeline for oil, natural gas, chemical raw materials, and many others.