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China petroleum pipeline bureau transforms development ways

Source: Bofa Valve Company   Author: Bofa Valve Company   Posted: 2013-09-16 14:40:51   Hits: 789

Oil and gas pipeline construction market is obviously influenced by the macro political economy, besides fierce market competition. They must continue to optimize the structure if enterprises want to sustainable development, trying to get rid of the influence of market cyclical fluctuations, which is the profound comprehension and unremitting pursuit of all cadres and staff with the pipeline bureau in years of practice.

Since 2009, the pipeline bureau takes advantages of EPC general contract management. They have optimized the allocation of resources, organized construction scientifically, led and participated in constructing more than 2 kilometers of the oil and gas pipeline in home and abroad, installed nearly 10million cubic meters large storage tank. They have always been on their duty , thus one after another classic battle have been created. The second west gas pipeline delivered to east is a eight supporting more than 9000 kilometers. The pipeline bureau coordinated more than 20 construction team, therefore the whole line was put into production ahead of the plan. The construction of the pipeline had made a record in the pipeline history. The pipeline bureau spent only 18 month to complete the work of Central Asian pipeline, which the foreign companies need 5-6 years. And it has created safety achievement with no accident during the 21million working hours.

Since 2010, based on the diversified industrial orientation of the pipeline project, Pipeline Bureau adheres to the idea of the integration of delivery and construction, integration of construction and service, integration of international and domestic, integration of land and ocean. The pipeline bureau divided the business into four plates: engineering construction, technical service, the mine service and social services. And it regarded onshore oil and gas pipeline construction as the core, vigorously developing emerging business in the marine pipeline, LNG, acquisition logistics, underground caverns of strategic, and achieved substantial breakthroughs. It has also participated in the construction of the East China Sea bottom pipeline, West second-tier regional deep port submarine pipeline, Tanzania submarine pipeline, Jinzhou national oil reserve especially this year, the the first ship pipe -laying ship CPP601 from pipeline bureau has been completed, marking the pipeline bureau has entered a rapid development stage in marine pipeline business.

In the process of continuous optimization business structure, Pipeline Bureau insists on using two resources and two markets. As early as 2009, under the situation of small scale international market, the pipeline bureau made a foreseeable suggestion " two of the half country “market development target that the domestic and international each accounted half, which many cadres and staff have doubts at that time. The practice proved that, Pipeline Bureau realized this objective in advance- with 3 years. In 2012, the pipeline bureau in domestic, international market share accounted for 49% and 51% respectively. Market in the system 53% and out of system 47%.