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Large Space for China Valve Enterprises to Substitute for Imports

Source: Bofa Valve Company   Author: Bofa Valve Company   Posted: 2013-09-16 14:37:16   Hits: 711

China general machinery industry has made great progress in recent years, especially unceasing enhancement of the technology level of pump valves and being in a position to supply the market with some high-end products. In 2011, China pump&valve manufacturing enterprises above a designated scale have realized main business income reached 435.9 billion, up 28.41%; a total profit of 49.086 billion yuan, up 28.71%.

But generally speaking, low concentration rate in China valve market industry and focus on low-end products. There is still a certain gap as domestic enterprises make a comparison with developed countries around the world in the core technology.According to statistics, the apparent consumption of China valves reached about $12 billion RMB in 2010, of which amount of imports was around $2.3 billion RMB. Thus it can be seen that there is still great room for import substitution.

Domestic valve enterprises seized the space for development  of import substitution,as have researched and developed high-end products in recent years and constantly made progress. Competition for enterprises is both a challenge and an opportunity of development. Faced with so huge development of the market, domestic valve enterprises should seize the opportunity to create their own brand,to produce valve devices comparable to the international market through optimizing the industrial structure, improving product quality, griping the network marketing and others.It is understood that at present foreign enterprises hold around 50% share in the domestic market of stainless steel stamping centrifugal pump,while the southern pump market has about 12% share,ranking in the first in the domestic enterprises. Parts of stainless steel stamping centrifugal pump produced by China whose performance has been nearly foreign linke products,but its sale price is around 40% of that of foreign products.Market space caused by the import substitution get companies received a contrarian growth.

On the analysis of the current situation, the majority of our valve enterprises exist such criticisms as relatively backward production technology, low product profit, a great demand for workers, and the business philosophy falling behind,which has a significant influence on the enterprise's profit as well as survival and development space ,  so as to make price war after intermediate products gradually become a must of future market. Then some of valve enterprise taking a price war as competitive advantage have been no more enough spirit to consider workers' rights. The awareness and attention of insiders to human resources is not enough, considering that nothing remains but to receive enough salary and entrust with an important post.Unfortunately this approach can't prove effect.There is more prominent phenomenon on enterprise talent outflow and frequent job hopping,whoes main reason is not flexible enough the employment mechanism of enterprises, lack of equal communication with talents, as results in enterprise's talent resources outflow and unstability.But on the other hand, such fluctuations also urges enterprises to improve the importance of talent, and to retain talent by all means.