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Valve Industry Will Expand for Wide Range of Valve Applications

Source: Bofa Valve Company   Author: Bofa Valve Company   Posted: 2013-09-16 14:37:27   Hits: 615

It is understood that the annual production capacity of Wuxi valve industry has reached 3 billion RMB at present. The annual processing output value has reached 5 billion RMB. Thus it can be said that the valve industry is becoming a fast-growing large scale industry in the light industry in the Jiangsu province. But it still has many problems such as a slow pace of development, not too much large and medium-sized valve company, not too high product grade. If seizing the opportunities, Wuxi valve industry can has a huge room to develop.

The expert points out that all kinds of agricultural greenhouse film, plastic film, water-saving globe valve and other valves pipeline is widely used in modern agriculture. Valve applications are in great demand in rural areas. The demand of valve pipeline is quite considerable just to used in the drinking systems for human and animal. There was also a substantial growth of demand for various valve pipelines in city construction.There is an increasing number of automobile manufacturing industries using valves to manufacture automotive parts. The power plants installed more than10 billion valve on average in the developed countries compared 7 billion on average in our nation power plant. These are stimulating market demand for industrial valves. According to estimates, an annual gap reached about 6 billion in Wuxi valve market.

Facing with an attractive market "pie", Wuxi seizes the initiative in the south of the Yangtze River. 6 valve enterprises in Wuxi have signed an investment agreement with Binhu Economic Development Zone. The 6 valve industry investment projects are with more than 1 billion RMB value.

In recent years, China valve industry has entered a rapid development period,of which the threshold has risen. China has become Asian largest valve processing center and one of the world largest valve markets. But the per capita domestic consumption of valve products is not high in the world: only $22 per capita at present. But with the spring up of valve market used in power station, chemical industry, valve material, food sector, we can see that the valve industry has a promising prospects and an attractive market.

With the relevant industry developing towards diversification and deepth, the identity of the valve products have been gradually from commodity character to a broader industry. High technology has higher requirements on the valve products. At the same time, environment -friendly handling, recycling and other tasks of all kinds of discarded valve products will be more arduous.