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Volkswagen Valve Made a Good Start in the New Year

Source: Bofa Valve Company   Author: Bofa Valve Company   Posted: 2013-09-16 14:36:21   Hits: 717

The scarce capacity of technological innovation is a obstacle impeding the development of our valve industry. Our country has advocated to realize the localization of important valves for nearly 10 years.A innovative core for enterprises is "technological innovation".If an enterprise is with no vitality, then first of all see whether or not products produced by this enterprise have vitality; high technology, advanced products brings the development and benefits to the enterprises while backward products end enterprises up with decline and bankruptcy.

At the beginning of the new year, Volkswagen valve group,located in Yongjia Oubei, was up to his neck once strating.For 5 million yuan  worth of an oder for ball valve for "West-East Gas Transmission"project, these days would be spent on working on  the loading. Volkswagen valve group,at present, have 30 million Yuan worth of intent orders, of which foreign trade orders is more than 100 million yuan.

Volkswagen valve group has specialized in the domestic market for over 10 years,gradually growing into superior-quality suppliers of PetroChina,Sinopec and other large enterprises through the efforts,  and wining the title for"national high-tech enterprise". In 2011, Volkswagen valve group began to set foot in the field of foreign trade, only when it achieved 2 million yuan exportsale. Last year, The output value for valve products of Volkswagen valve group reached 66.5 million yuan. Realized the rise in double digit while the total amount of export orders jumped to nearly 8 million yuan, up 400%year-on-year. The Group Chairman Jin Zhiyuan said, the new year of the snake realize "get off a flying start" ,which was attributed to the science and technology innovation that the group had persisted in for years.

According to the introduction of chief engineer Liu Genjie with the Volkswagen valve group, last year the company designed  more 10 new products, of which the five is completed by experts from Zhejiang Institute of Mechatronic Design,Zhejiang University and other institutions and accredited "leading in the province" by the certifying commission. Two of them have been declared the national invention patents at present and accepted. Take "U type ball valve used in the mixing,discharging " declared as the invention patent for example, last year we achieved sales of about 500 thousand yuan. For this product adopted an unique design of U type scraper sphere and spring chamber structure, it could greatly improve the safety and durability of the valve when applied to solid particles,slurry and the other demanding engineering.So it has been well received by customers.

Last year, the group received the order placed by West-East Gas Pipeline project for nearly 2000 ball valves resistant to sulfur applied into high sulfurous gas pipeline. Users had a high requirments for the interchangeability of this ball valve components.The valves with same  specifications would be done disassemed and inspected after passing the assembly and test.After confirmed no problem with them, and then all parts were scattered and assembled; and each valve must be done a high pressure gas test in accordance with the API6D standard. Volkswagen valve were emboldened to accept this order because there is a  R&D team with strong technology."The R&D team at the Volkswagen valve did make it, and smoothly entered into the world top 500 enterprises" --inspection engineer stationed in the plant by the United States Cameron company checked at the scene.

Liu Genjie said the conditions of international market economy was not optimistic last year, but what pleased Jin Zhiyuan is that Volkswagen valve received a $50million big orders from an America customer.In the face of such a big order,the elite R&D team with Volkswagen valve showed "Kung Fu" again,overcoming the technical problems hard to be solved in the industry,realizing the wildcard swap of wedge gate valve, which not only made the product quality leap but also greatly shorten the production cycle 3 months earlier than delivery date expected. The North American customer satisfied with the quality and date of delivery after the acceptance of the products, adding to nearly 100 million yuan worth of orders this year.